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Data file for Norwegian KDR 444 / swedish SRBR 444

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KDR 444 (Norwegian "kortdistanseradio", Swedish "kortdistansradio", "short distance radio") or KDR, is a licence-free personal radio service in the UHF range used in Sweden and Norway. It is usually referred to as SRBR 444 (Short Range Business Radio) in Sweden. Transmitters are limited to 2 W ERP in Sweden and 0.5 W in Norway. FM with a bandwidth of 16 kilohertz (25 kHz in Norway) is used.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDR_444

KDR444.csv - Data file for Norwegian KDR 444 / swedish SRBR 444 (622 Bytes) François Thunus, 10/16/2016 07:55 am

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