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09:04 am CHIRP Bug #4935 (Resolved): Radio not seen in Linux Mint
After a few mails back and forward it was a minor miss-configuration problem not related to Chirp.
Status ...


03:01 pm CHIRP Bug #4935 (Feedback): Radio not seen in Linux Mint
That's weird.
Can you produce the result of this:
cat /etc/group
Of curse in a console, this is to check if ...


09:28 am CHIRP Bug #5063 (Closed): jetstream jt270M
Closed by the user, OS problem.


11:04 am CHIRP Bug #4993: QYT KT-8900 extra ID wrong
Hi to all.
This can be a sign that we have a new version of this radios on the wild.
Can you provide a serial l...


10:40 am CHIRP Bug #4939 (Resolved): Possible documentation problem with adding user name to dialout group
Try this:...
10:38 am CHIRP Bug #4935 (Resolved): Radio not seen in Linux Mint
Hi to all.
I modded the instructions to use a global variable for the username and a syntax that must be understoo...
09:27 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Running_Under_Linux (#14)
Fix comments before command line
09:25 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Running_Under_Linux (#13)
Change to a more linux-agnostic systax, this was tested on Ubuntu/Mint/Debian/Pupy


08:09 am CHIRP Bug #4709 (Closed): Unable to set amateur frequencies on TK-360
I have positive feedback about this issue being solved for good, so I will close it.
73 de Pavel CO7WT
08:03 am CHIRP Bug #3527 (Closed): Problem with BTECH UV-2501+220
Main issue is solved, side issue of "invalid header error" in ubuntu was later solved on issue #3993.
So this issu...

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