Bug #4697

surecom KT-8900D Error "Did Not Enter Clone Mode."

Added by John Tobias over 3 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

Status:Closed Start date:04/04/2017
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:John Tobias % Done:


Target version:-
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Surecom KT-8900D


CHIRP daily-20170401
Windows 10
USB Programming cable (works in factory programming software)
Surecom KT8900D

When attempting to connect to the radio to read the memory out I get "Did not enter clone mode" changed to factory software and was able to read and write memory.

debug.log (20.9 kB) John Tobias, 04/04/2017 02:46 pm

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Revision 2878:a20045b106c3
Added by Jim Unroe over 3 years ago

[KT8900D] Add Alias for Surecom S-KT8900D

Owners of the Surecom S-KT8900D mobile radio can easily be confused as to which
vendor/model to choose in order to program their radio because it is a variant
of the QYT KT7900D mobile radio and not the QYT KT8900D as you would assume.

This patch adds an alias for the Surecom KT-8900D which will automatcally
choose QYT KT7900D as the vendor/model.

related to issue #4697


Updated by Jim Unroe over 3 years ago

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What is the MCU Version from the factory software? Also attach a debug.log file.


Updated by John Tobias over 3 years ago

MCU-Version VC4004

Updated by Jim Unroe over 3 years ago

You have a quad band radio and should be choosing QYT KT7900D, not KT8900D.


Updated by John Tobias over 3 years ago

You are correct sir. Selecting a 7900D worked perfectly. I apologize for the wasted time.
I mistakenly assumed that if it was a KT-8900D I should select KT8900D.
Since the KT7900D is such a different looking radio it didn't occur to me to try it.
Thank you again.

Updated by Jim Unroe over 3 years ago


Does your Surecom radio indeed have 4 bands?


Updated by John Tobias over 3 years ago

The manual says that it is a quad band, but since I do not have antenna's for 220 or 350 I have not tested it on those so It could be the Dual Band Quad Standby model. I will test it tonight to be sure.
Looking at some various sources on the internet, I am at a loss to explain the difference between the Surecom KT-8900D and the QYT KT-7900D They look very similar, and the specs listed look identical. I was thinking of previous versions (non-D models) that look very different.
Having not looked into other options from other companies before I bought this radio, I didn't know that the QYT KT7900D was the same radio as the Surecom KT8900D especially when QYT also offers an 8900D (the Dual band, quad standby).
It appears that the mistake was completely mine, assuming that model numbers (when the same) would actually be the same between brands.

Updated by Jim Unroe over 3 years ago

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OK. I wanted to know for sure so the Supported Radio Models list can be update. Otherwise how else would you know to select KT7900? ;-)

Also you don't have to transmit to find out. Just see if you can enter a 220 MHz and 350 MHz frequency into the VFO. If they are accepted, it is a quad band radio. If they are not accepted, it is a dual band radio.


Updated by John Tobias over 3 years ago

Yes, they display as 144 on line 1, 222 on line 2, 350 on line 3, and 440 on line 4. That means it is a quadband right? I did not transmit on them, but they were in fact tuned to those freq's

Updated by Bernhard Hailer 7 months ago

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