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Duplex/offset bug when programming in CHIRP

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I encouter a bug when i'm loading my .img save.

I save my duplex in split mode and set an offset value like on the first picture (Good) but when I open the same file it opens with duplex modes + or - with an offset value of 0.0125. Like the second picture (Bad)

It happens everytime I load a file saved with the good parameters.
Also it happens when there is a refresh of the page in CHIRP (refresh and go back to the Loc 0) or when I set 0 as value in frequency for example (error message then refresh and go back to the Loc 0)

I Got a GT-3TP and I Cloned the file via BF-F8HP selection.

good.PNG - Good (10.4 kB) Thomas ., 01/24/2019 07:14 pm

bad.PNG - Bad (8.3 kB) Thomas ., 01/24/2019 07:14 pm


Updated by Jim Unroe 5 months ago

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This is how CHIRP works. When programming a UV-5R variant and you set Duplex to "split" and enter the TX frequency into the Offset field, CHIRP does the math and converts it to a "+" or "-" Duplex value and sets Offset to the difference between the value in the Frequency field (the RX frequency) and the frequency entered in the Offset field (the TX frequency).

This happens instantly. You just don't see the change until something cause CHIRP to refresh.

The result in the programmed radio is exactly the same. If the selected display line has its Memory Display Format (MDF-A or MDF-B) set to FREQ, the RX frequency (446.20625) displayed. When you tap the [*] key to put the radio into reverse mode you will see the TX frequency (446.21875) displayed.


Updated by Thomas . 5 months ago

I have a better understanding of how it works now.

Thank you for your feedback ! :)

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