CHIRP 0.2.1 Released!

The first maintenance release of the 0.2.x line is now available.
Added by Dan Smith over 10 years ago

This version contains as few changes as possible from 0.2.0, with only fixes to existing functionality (where possible) included. The high-level changes are:

  • Updated Italian translation
  • VX5 Memory visibility fixes
  • VX5 Fixed name length restriction
  • Fixed deleting memories in the UI on some radio models (Kenwood, etc)
  • Fixed bank UI allowing membership changes on empty memories
  • Fixed Yaesu radios retaining bank membership of deleted memories
  • Fixed bank changes not making a radio appear to be modified
  • Fixed Skip setting on Kenwood D700, D7
  • Fix/Updated Kenwood D72 driver to use live mode
  • Fixed bank editor not showing bank name of the first bank
  • Fixed writing extra carriage returns to CSV files on Win32
  • Expanded charset of Kenwood D710 to allow all characters
  • Fixed import errors on Kenwood D710
  • Allow choosing specific models even for vendors with well-defined detection routines
  • Fixes to the RFinder import to work with the changed upstream API

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