CHIRP 0.2.1 Released!

The first maintenance release of the 0.2.x line is now available.
Added by Dan Smith almost 9 years ago

This version contains as few changes as possible from 0.2.0, with only fixes to existing functionality (where possible) included. The high-level changes are:

  • Updated Italian translation
  • VX5 Memory visibility fixes
  • VX5 Fixed name length restriction
  • Fixed deleting memories in the UI on some radio models (Kenwood, etc)
  • Fixed bank UI allowing membership changes on empty memories
  • Fixed Yaesu radios retaining bank membership of deleted memories
  • Fixed bank changes not making a radio appear to be modified
  • Fixed Skip setting on Kenwood D700, D7
  • Fix/Updated Kenwood D72 driver to use live mode
  • Fixed bank editor not showing bank name of the first bank
  • Fixed writing extra carriage returns to CSV files on Win32
  • Expanded charset of Kenwood D710 to allow all characters
  • Fixed import errors on Kenwood D710
  • Allow choosing specific models even for vendors with well-defined detection routines
  • Fixes to the RFinder import to work with the changed upstream API

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