CHIRP 0.2.3 Released!

The third maintenance release of the 0.2.x line is now available.
Added by Dan Smith over 9 years ago

This version contains only fixes on top of 0.2.2:
  • Fixed downloading of Pennsylvania repeaters from
  • Fixed false display of progress bar on OSX
  • Fixed band limits on Yaesu FT-857
  • Fixed some frequency parsing issues on FT-8800
  • Fixed editing 60m channels on FT-8x7 radios
  • Fixed App menu on OSX
  • Fixed 8-char alpha tags on TH-F6A
  • Fixed 12.5kHz split frequencies on VX-3,5,7,8
  • Fixed FM/NFM on FT-8900
  • Fixed charset support on TH-F6A
  • Fixed issue launching OSX app from folders with spaces in the name
  • Fixed reporting import status on files with more than 50 memories
  • Fixed VX-7 power levels on 220MHz band
  • Fixed tone frequency setting on FT-817
  • Fixed issue with serial flow control on OSX with TH-D72
  • Fixed the "blind deletion" bug in the UI
  • Fixed TM-D700 alpha tag truncation
  • Fixed TM-D710, TM-V71, TH-D72 tone lists
  • Fixed issue with marking banks when running on older versions of GTK
  • Fixed VX-6 memory initialization
  • Fixed issue with ID-31A not storing the used flag
  • Fixed issue(s) with importing CSV files with old-style MacOS line endings
  • Added Canada to RepeaterBook import options

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