CHIRP 0.3.1 Released!

The first maintenance release of the 0.3.x line is now available.
Added by Dan Smith over 9 years ago

This update against 0.3.0 contains only fixes against 0.3.0. Users on 0.3.0 should update immediately. Users of the daily versions should not use this version as it contains only fixes against the stable version. The changes are:

  • Increase max split in import logic to 15MHz (#185)
  • FT817 settings fixes (#435)
  • Fix serial port sorting on Win32 (#549)
  • Shift and delete fixes (#541)
  • VX8 bank membership fixes (#543 and #685)
  • Fix "hide unused fields" when no radio is open (#667)
  • TH-D72 fixes for corrupt memory (#697)
  • Fixes for copy/paste with empty memories (#769)