How To Get Help

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h1. How To Get Help
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If you're looking for some sort of help with CHIRP, please use one of the following options, depending on what you are looking for.
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*Please do not email a developer directly for help with usage, installation, driver, or other issues!*
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h2. Start with the FAQ!
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The developers spend a lot of time keeping the *[[FAQ]]* page up to date. _Please_ look at it first to see if your issue is mentioned there, before requesting assistance!
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h2. Usage Questions
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If you are unsure about how to do something, or whether you have uncovered a bug, please ask on the mailing list. There are nearly a thousand folks subscribed to the list, many of which are able to provide basic usage assistance. Click *"here":* to join.
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h2. Bug Reports and Feature Requests
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If you have a bug to report or a feature to request, that needs to be done on this website, using the issue tracker. For more details, please see *[[How_to_report_issues]]*