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05:14 PM CHIRP Feature #10076 (Closed): save my *.img file INFO ONLY
running latest update of WIN10 and latest CHIRP. I edited an *img file and tried to use SAVE AS to save it as a new... Gary Ferguson


05:18 PM CHIRP New Model #4517: Yaesu FTM-3100R
Current status of CHIRP for YAESU FTM-3100R? I haven't purchased it yet and probably won't buy it if CHIRP support i... Gary Ferguson


08:44 AM CHIRP Feature #7549 (Rejected): *.img file conversion???
probably not an "issue" but I need some insight... I saved a CHIRP file and it has the *.img file extension I'd like... Gary Ferguson


12:28 PM CHIRP New Model #7145: Baofeng BF-R3
from the AMZN Product page: (3 bands, 2 power levels)
tri-color display,dual standby, Programmable PC software,We ...
Gary Ferguson


02:08 PM CHIRP New Model #7145: Baofeng BF-R3
FWIW, I was able to download a short "program" from a BF F8HP into the BF-R3... lucky I guess. Gary Ferguson

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