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11:16 pm CHIRP Revision 2007:94b2055b845b: [VX8] Add APRS settings menu


02:23 pm CHIRP Bug #869 (New): Moving memories should update bank membership
The VX8 (and likely similar radios) stores bank memberships as a list of channel locations.
The Chirp semantics fo...


02:35 pm CHIRP Feature #821 (Closed): [VX-8DR] Add settings menu
Please add support for the Yaesu VX-8DR configuration menus. There are at least two menus: The main menu and the APR...


01:59 am CHIRP Revision 1980:0223ee53a48f: Populate NA bandplan from ARRL bandplan (Bug #681)


08:26 pm CHIRP Revision 1978:d86988d38f27: Populate IARU R1 bandplan (Bug #681)
08:24 pm CHIRP Revision 1977:080b4c881deb: Verbose name for IARU R2 bandplan (Bug #681)
08:22 pm CHIRP Revision 1979:cb0373d8b859: Fix missing bands in AU bandplan (Bug #681)


06:39 pm CHIRP Bug #683 (Closed): Automatic Repeater Offset configuration is applied inconsistently
To reproduce:
0) Start chirpw
1) Disable Automatic Repeater Offset.
2) Open a radio memory image.
3) Enter 147....
05:07 pm CHIRP Feature #681 (Closed): Support regional band plans
It ITU, IARU and various nations define band plans that describe default repeater offsets, modes, tones etc for speci...


02:19 pm CHIRP Feature #651 (New): VX-8 Support programmable (band limit) memory scan (PMS) and skip channels
This bug is mainly to discuss the UI for supporting PMS and Skip channels. The dumb UI would just extend channels fr...

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