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12:02 am CHIRP Bug #8413: Anytone 5888 & CHIRP Crashing Every Single Time Its Done Reading The Radio
Steven, Please refer to the Wiki "[[How To Report Issues]]" and provide a debug log.


11:38 pm CHIRP Bug #8331: AnyTone AT-778UV
To clarify what Bernhard said... As far as I know you should always start with an image for the radio you're ...


02:28 pm CHIRP Feature #8503: Naming convention cleanup
Tony, I believe you're writing about the GUI menu items under Radio. Those items are independent of any specific rad...


02:39 pm CHIRP Feature #8503 (Closed): Naming convention cleanup
Make variable and function names consistent with other Chirp drivers


09:22 pm CHIRP Bug #2989: AT-5888UV Squelch Mode Setting
Related to issue #1491
09:21 pm CHIRP Bug #3653: Chirp not doing PL decode for Anytone 5888-UV
Related to issue #1491
09:20 pm CHIRP Feature #6633: CTCSS squelch on Anytone 5888
Related to issue #1491


09:47 pm CHIRP Bug #1427: Baofeng CTCSS setup wont save/load
I believe this is a misunderstanding of when to use Cross vs TSQL. The definition of TSQL is that both TX and RX ton...


10:45 pm CHIRP Bug #8407 (Closed): Add remaining channel attributes and valid tuning steps to AnyTone 5888UV
The following channel attributes are missing for the AnyTone 5888UV radio:
- Duplex: off
- Busy channel lockout
- ...

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