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Unable to import CSV file WORKAROUND

Added by Wolfy Wolf about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
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Baofeng UV-5R+ model, exported contents to CSV file, modified, saved, then attempted to import but reached error saying unknown file format.

Issue and workaround:
NOTE: For clarity, orig.csv refers to original exported .csv file and mod.csv refers to modified .csv file
Exported orig.csv
Copied orig.csv file to another location with name orig1.csv
Changed orig1.csv file and saved using OpenOffice Calc under mod.csv
Changed (not saved) both orig1.csv and mod.csv to a .txt file, viewed both orig1.txt and mod.txt in Notepad, and found that orig1.txt export used COMMA'S for delineaters and the SAVED mod.txt file used SEMICOLON'S.

Did an EDIT, FIND AND REPLACE, changed semicolons to comma's, saved the mod.txt, then manually changed file extension again back to .csv, imported successfully into program with only the following errors (11 total but only one shown, line numbers only changed, I believe this is not needed for the Baofeng radios):
Line 2: [duplex] `-0' is not in valid list: ['', '+', '-', 'split', 'off']

Hope this helps, perhaps could include this into the FAQ portion about Unable to import CSV until its fixed

CSV editing.jpg (90.1 kB) Wolfy Wolf, 11/19/2013 06:22 am


Updated by Tom Hayward about 8 years ago

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I'm going to close this because it isn't actually a bug.

Chirp supports CSV or "Comma Separated Values" files. It does not support semicolon separated values files.

Despite the bug being closed, users with this problem will still be able to find this page with the search feature.

Updated by Wolfy Wolf about 8 years ago

Notice the DEFAULT options when first opening an exported CSV file in the attached image. If the user FAILS to UNCHECK the semicolon option (BOTH comma AND semicolon are selected by default) then when its saved you will wind up with an unimportable file into the CHIRP program.

By changing a field and then simply SAVING the file, you wind up with (by default):

Without some type of highly visible alerting that this will cause issues, you will wind up with folks who get frustrated with the software and may go elsewhere. CSV has become a generic term to the extent that all kinds of different syntax can be used to separate fields of text.

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