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Target version:0.4.1
Chirp Version:0.4.0 Platform:MacOS
Model affected:(All models)


I cannot seem to use CHIRP 0.4.1 with my radio USB cables on a Mac running Mountain Lion or El Capitan. The USB cables do not seem to show up in the /dev directory (see attached PDF). When I try to up/download to the radio(s), the popup window for selecting the communication device only shows the items in the /dev/cu.* area, which does not include the radio USB devices, even though the System Information window does show the radio USB devices are attached. I have had my FT-8800 cable since 2012, so I doubt that is the problem for that cable. There is no debug log associated with this problem.

USB-DeviceInfo.pdf (2.5 MB) Chuck Burton, 11/06/2015 09:43 am


Updated by Tom Hayward almost 4 years ago

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If the cable does not show up in /dev, there's nothing Chirp can do about that. That is the realm of OS drivers.

Updated by Elwood Downey almost 4 years ago

Hi Chuck,

I had the same problem with my Boafeng UV-B5 but solved it by downloading and installing the latest driver from http://www.prolific.com.tw/US/index.aspx . Click "Support", then "USB Smart I/O Controllers" then "USB Serial/Parallel" "Drivers and Software" under PL-2303. Part way down you'll find the Mac driver, at the time I grabbed it it was named "PL2303_MacOSX_1.6.0_20151022.zip". I unzipped this, ran the package installer, let it reboot. Then I plugged in the USB cable while it was NOT plugged unto the radio yet, then I discovered "/dev/cu.usbserial" suddenly appeared. Then, in order, I turned on the radio, waited for it to display the current frequencies, THEN plugged the cable into the radio. Then I opened CHIRP, clicked "Radio" then "Download from radio", selected the /dev/cu.usbserial entry and everything went fine from there.

Good luck and 73, Elwood, WB0OEW

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