Bug #6531

Error setting memory: Tx freq 174.740000 is out of supported range

Added by Norman Burton 4 months ago.

Status:New Start date:03/02/2019
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:-
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:IC-2100H


RT-Systems software for the Icom IC-2100H allows you to put either plus or minus 20 MHz as the tx offset allowing a MARS/CAP modified radio to inhibit tx on that channel. The Radio's display will show "OFF" if the operator pushes the PTT button.

In my IC-2100 I have a channel programmed as 154.74 receive, with plus 20MHZ for the OFFSET. This prevents accidental transmission on that channel. I have several channels like that.

I can clone it with the RT-Systems software and keep those values. Chirp takes all the channels with "out-of-range" values and converts them to 0.000000. CHIRP daily-20190302 Windows verion.

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