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I took the time to register on this site JUST to post this single message...

After futsing with Windows 7 drivers for 5 minutes, I decided to get the Live CD instead... and I have to say, downloading the CHIRP live CD to program my new toy (the infamous UV5r+ Plus) was by FAR the most enjoyable experience I have had with free software in a LONG time

It worked perfectly, the first time, period. I was able to program my pager frequencies in a snap, customize all the settings on the device, and even disable TX on the pager frequencies avoid the temptation of paging "I'm a little teapot" to my whole county...

TO EVERYONE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED to this project, THANKS! This is exceptional... good work!


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Glad to hear CHIRP is making life easier for you.
I know the bug has been sitting for a while, but be sure to pass kudos on to Bob who puts the LiveCD together, too!

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