Bug #9989

Kenwood TM-733A

Added by Al Hennig about 1 month ago.

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Kenwood TM-733A, Not sure if it is physically possible to program TM-733 by laptop ?

reference: http://www.redwaveradio.com/2_d9a35e2489e27d9c_1.htm

Post by dnul ยป Wed, 21 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Clint Heffner writes:

CH> Hello. A while back I saw some posts(maybe in another ng) about
CH> being able to program the kenwood tm-733a via your computer. Has
CH> this concept disappeared? I can't find anything on it now.

This may be possible but nobody has done it, seems to have been the

You have to zap the protocol used between the display and the main

I know this isn't easy. A friend of mine did it with an 68HC11
micro-controller. He found the 732 uses asynchronous and synchronous
data streams between the head and unit. It also seems like the baud
rate was non-standard.

73s de KI5XW

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