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03:02 pm CHIRP Bug #5241: Incorrect model Baofeng GT-5TP
Hi Matt.
I had the same issue with one of my two GT-5TP radios. One of them had FW: N82301. That one did not resp...


06:54 am CHIRP Bug #4793: Leixen vv898-e ver 1.05
+I have previously posted this in a very old thread, so I am posting again for the benefit of the CHIRP Team:+
I h...


11:55 pm CHIRP Bug #4069: Memories upload to unexpected locations on Leixen VV-898S
I have just bought a Leixen VV-898S with FW version 1.08B
I have successfully programmed it with the Factory Softw...


05:37 pm CHIRP Bug #4569: Baofeng GT-5TP
Hi Julian.
Have you tried to use the factory software that I mentioned in my first post? It worked OK for my GT-5...


03:25 pm CHIRP Bug #4569: Baofeng GT-5TP
G'day Jim.
I was choosing the UV-82HP (not BF-F8HP) setting with my GT-5TP (FW: N82301). I did have success with t...


03:58 pm CHIRP Bug #4569: Baofeng GT-5TP
Thanks for your response Jim.
Is there any way of working around the "not reporting a valid firmware version" issu...


11:46 pm CHIRP Bug #4569: Baofeng GT-5TP
G'day Jim.
Thanks for your reply mate.
I have replicated the situation. First using the "UV-82HP" radio selecti...
05:26 am CHIRP Bug #4569 (Closed): Baofeng GT-5TP
G'day Team ... Thank you for your excellent software.
Just some "Feedback" ...
I purchased two "Baofeng GT-5TP"...

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