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04:16 AM CHIRP Revision 69436078 (github): revert #4687
Different from OpenBSD-6.0, OpenBSD-6.1 is no longer required this modification.
And, this cause #5007 bug. Revert to...
Takayoshi SASANO


08:39 PM CHIRP Bug #4687: echoback causes overflow of OS's serial Rx buffer
I tried previous revision (2715:d1bc2c917785) on OpenBSD-6.1/amd64.
Testing with this OpenBSD release is no problem....
Takayoshi SASANO
08:53 AM CHIRP Bug #4687: echoback causes overflow of OS's serial Rx buffer
I am testing new diff to solve this problem and at least works good on my environment
(OpenBSD-6.1/amd64, IC-P7 with...
Takayoshi SASANO


04:47 AM CHIRP Bug #4687: echoback causes overflow of OS's serial Rx buffer
Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> This seems to have caused #5007, which could be a Windows-only bug. Thoughts on how to res...
Takayoshi SASANO


07:51 AM CHIRP Feature #4849: Japanese translation
I attached current ja.po (02-Jun-2017).
It looks that there is many unused messages in .po file,
does anyone have g...
Takayoshi SASANO


09:21 PM CHIRP Revision d5ad5ffb (github): fix for bug #4863
Delete function cannot work when translating msgid "Loc", this is caused
by "Loc" (instead of _("Loc")). And, non_edi...
Takayoshi SASANO
09:30 AM CHIRP Bug #4863 (Closed): two "Loc" remains in
I found that there is two "Loc" in chirp/ui/
They should be _("Loc"), "Loc" prevent to translate by poedit.
Takayoshi SASANO
09:28 AM CHIRP Bug #4861 (Closed): some "Loc
Takayoshi SASANO


04:15 PM CHIRP Feature #4849 (New): Japanese translation
There is not japanese translation yet.
I tried to write ja.po but I feel it is difficult to finish.
* Some messag...
Takayoshi SASANO


08:25 PM CHIRP Revision 464a0978 (github): previous patch for bug #4687 causes PEP8 regression problem,
"E261 at least two spaces before inline comment".
Replace a tab character to two spaces to fix the problem.
Takayoshi SASANO

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