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06:00 PM CHIRP New Model #10178 (Closed): Pofung BF-9500
Is Chirp compatible with the Pofung BF-9500, I cannot find the right model on the selections . Ricky DeLuco


12:30 PM CHIRP New Model #6269 (Resolved): Retevis 9000D 220 Mobile Radio
I purchased a Retevis 9000D 220 Mobile Radio and I cannot find where in Chirp the correct radio to use. I am using CH... Ricky DeLuco


03:03 PM CHIRP Bug #4743: Powerwerx DB-750x
Forgot to advise version I was using .. build 20170401 .. Ricky DeLuco
03:00 PM CHIRP Bug #4743 (Closed): Powerwerx DB-750x
Working with Chirp on a Powerwerx DB-750x, Was able to Read the Radio form the program cable to Chirp. The Frequenc... Ricky DeLuco

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