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07:10 am CHIRP Bug #4883 (Resolved): Download from VX-8R radio causes traceback errors in console and blank Sett...
Fixed with patch vx8-4883.


02:24 pm CHIRP New Model #4881 (Resolved): Yaesu VX-8R
Resolved with final patch of series (vx-4881-5.patch).
11:29 am CHIRP New Model #4881: Yaesu VX-8R
Submitted patch "vx8-4881-5.patch" which adds settings to the VX-8R. All tests
against the VX-8R, VX-8DR, and VX-8GE...
11:08 am CHIRP Revision 2906:fa2ef4dedc56: [vx8] Added Settings support for stock VX-8R radio. Fixes #4881
This patch adds settings support by adding has_settings True in the
get_features function, by copying the original _g...
08:11 am CHIRP New Model #4881: Yaesu VX-8R
Submitted new patch "vx8-4881-4.patch" against tip since patch "vx8-4881-3.patch" was rejected. Patch "vx8-4881-3.pat...
07:48 am CHIRP Revision 2905:4963f1f6cc3c: [vx8] Fix line longer than 79 chars and add missing pad value to seek...


06:13 pm CHIRP New Model #4881: Yaesu VX-8R
Resubmitted patch "vx8-4881-2.patch" as "vx8-4881-3.patch" because of PEP-8 error due to a line that was greater than...
12:55 pm CHIRP New Model #4881: Yaesu VX-8R
Created patch vx8-4881-2 which modifies the memobj aprs struct to accommodate the memory layout differences between t...
12:30 pm CHIRP Revision 2904:6710bdb49f30: [vx8] Mod to radio memory layout to accommodate diffs between models....
Split the memobj aprs struct into three structs: shorter aprs struct, aprs_msg_macro
struct and aprs2 struct. The apr...
10:42 am CHIRP New Model #4881: Yaesu VX-8R
Created patch vx8-4881-1 which lays out initial groundwork by moving all functions that will be needed for settings s...

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