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11:32 am CHIRP Feature #5089 (New): Swedish translation
I wish to translate CHIRP into the Swedish locale (sv_SE).
I actually pretty much know how to do this with the dev...


01:43 am CHIRP Feature #5077: Add scalable SVG icon
I began by importing the original PNG into Inkscape and made a lot of measurements. I used these to determine where e...


02:15 pm CHIRP Revision 2913:49c7636445b4: Fix Linux/Unix desktop entry file Fixes #5075 #3491
- Update "Version" to 1.0
- Fix "GenericName" not being generic
- Fix "Comment" being redundant with "GenericName" an...
07:32 am CHIRP Feature #5077 (Closed): Add scalable SVG icon
The current icon has several issues.
- It does not scale well on high resolution displays
- It's dimensions are n...
06:28 am CHIRP Bug #5075 (Closed): Desktop Entry File (Linux)
The targeted desktop entry specification version is 0.1, while all modern desktop applications use 1.0+.
You can fin...

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