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10:47 pm CHIRP Bug #6219 (Feedback): R2: problems with communication
Sometimes communication to the radio seems to struggle. Reported via Facebook usergroup. As it is not clearly reprodu...
01:39 am CHIRP Bug #6217 (Closed): Radioddity GA-2S: setting the side button not possible within CHIRP
Setting the side button is not yet possible with CHIRP. Looking at the GA-2S implementation the coresponding data see...


08:43 am CHIRP New Model #6087: Add Radioddity R2 to the list of supported radios
Edited https://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Supported_Radios accordingly. Doing so, I also alphabetical so...
08:39 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#189)
07:35 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#188)


09:49 am CHIRP New Model #6121 (Closed): Baofeng BF-88E (same programming as for the BF-888S)
Same as for the Baofeng BF888S, thus only an alias needs to be added to the existing BDF888 driver.


01:27 am CHIRP Feature #6091 (New): Support for USB based devices (without USB to serial converter inside the ca...
As more and more radio manufacturer shift over from serial to some sort of USB-protocol, I wonder if there are any pl...


11:40 am CHIRP New Model #6087 (Closed): Add Radioddity R2 to the list of supported radios
This is rather a WIKI or Website topic: As the Radioddity R2 is now officially supported by CHIRP the page at https:/...


11:01 pm CHIRP New Model #6063 (Closed): Radioddity R2
As per Dans request I herewith ask for support of the new Radioddity R2:
Attached is a image (exported via my CHIRP ...


08:55 am CHIRP Revision 2998:90aaabf28d29: Added support for Radioddity R2
Related to #6063

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