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09:18 am CHIRP Bug #6913 (Closed): TYT TH-UV8000D 6.25kHz step error
All better now...


05:30 pm CHIRP Bug #6909 (Closed): TYT UV8000E stepping
Applied in changeset commit:b1edba30b4ae.
03:37 pm CHIRP Revision 3244:b1edba30b4ae: [th_uv8000] Fix to tuning steps; issues #6909 and #6913
Fixes #6909 and #6913 are due to needing rf.has_nostep_tuning enabled
03:15 pm CHIRP Bug #6913 (In Progress): TYT TH-UV8000D 6.25kHz step error
Fix is in the release queue. This radio can accept any entered frequency, so a special flag had to be set in the driver.


03:30 pm CHIRP New Model #5013 (Closed): TyT UV-8000SE
03:29 pm CHIRP Bug #4035 (Closed): Loan of Icom 2730A for program support development
03:28 pm CHIRP New Model #2745 (Closed): Icom IC-2730A
03:28 pm CHIRP Bug #4147 (Closed): iCom 2730A
03:27 pm CHIRP Bug #6711 (Closed): iCom ic 2730A Add
03:23 pm CHIRP Bug #6909 (In Progress): TYT UV8000E stepping
I will be checking this issue...

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