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05:57 am CHIRP New Model #4013: Icom IC-7300
Still waiting for the submitted driver to be included in the latest build...
If you would like a stand-alone version...


02:34 pm CHIRP Bug #8339 (Resolved): TH-UV8000D/E
Oops. Original driver did not allow setting priority channel to 0 (OFF).
New patch submitted. Awaiting next build re...
02:32 pm CHIRP Bug #8363 (Resolved): Baojie BJ-218 Bug: Data mangled by CHIRP r20201014
New patch submitted. Inserts 100ms delay between download reads.
Awaiting next build release.
06:16 am CHIRP Feature #4525: Add menu support for Kenwood D710
"Settings" added in CLONE MODE driver released 6/2020 for issue # 7467.
06:14 am CHIRP Feature #2089 (Closed): Kenwood TM-D710A - support memory channels L0-9, U0-9
Fixed in CLONE MODE driver. Released 6/2020 for issue # 7467.
06:13 am CHIRP Bug #637 (Closed): D710 will not accept 25 KHz step
This issue was fixed in the CLONE MODE driver released June 2020. Issue # 7467
06:05 am CHIRP Feature #3565 (Closed): Kenwood TM-D710GA: show message explaining where to plug in data cable
Info message was implemented in last driver release. Issue # 7467


03:00 pm CHIRP New Model #4013 (Resolved): Icom IC-7300
Driver submitted.


08:24 am CHIRP Bug #8233 (Resolved): Icom IC-2730 Tone modes
Testing complete.
Patch is submitted.
08:09 am CHIRP Revision 3404:de6b475fb6fe: [ic2730] Tone modes now CHIRP-compliant. Issue #8233
Adds full Cross mode tone>tone for rtcs/ctcs/dtcs

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