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06:00 AM CHIRP Bug #10666 (New): Yaesu FT-450D Checksum base may reset
Yaesu FT-450D reports unable to ack block 0 on upload after a full reset.
User must first download, then import CSV ...
Rick DeWitt
05:51 AM CHIRP Feature #10665 (New): Yaesu FT-450D Upgrades
Use chirp_common radio mode equivalents; not Yaesu 'USB+Data', 'USB-Data'
Add info prompt referencing new mode desi...
Rick DeWitt


10:18 AM CHIRP Revision c6fc5325 (github): Missing 'import struct'
Rick DeWitt


08:01 AM CHIRP Bug #10617 (Closed): FT-450D
Current released version is missing an import.
Needs 'import struct'
Rick DeWitt


09:15 PM CHIRP Feature #10612 (Closed): FT-450D PY3 Cleanup
Applied in changeset commit:github|e04b17a5bf4f2ebc8310fbe543437051f2b9aa50. Rick DeWitt
11:06 AM CHIRP Feature #10612 (Closed): FT-450D PY3 Cleanup
Add FT450, FT-450AT as aliases of FT-450.
Remove Special Channels- only confuses users.
Remove Typos
Improve reada...
Rick DeWitt
09:10 PM CHIRP Revision e04b17a5 (github): Update FT-450 for python3 compatibility
Fixes #10612 Rick DeWitt
11:10 AM CHIRP New Model #8431: ICOM IC-705
Elliott Cable wrote:
> The new heavy boi is out!
> Happy to loan mine if necessary, can cover shipping within t...
Rick DeWitt


07:17 AM CHIRP New Model #8431: ICOM IC-705
OK 705 users, it's going to happen!
I am ready to code the initial release Live-Mode driver.
You will be able to m...
Rick DeWitt


01:48 AM CHIRP Revision 4f2a3473 (github): [] Fix mem.duplex setting when no duplex attribute. #9025
(cherry picked from commit 742a7d91788e0be0bbfe99827fc1dbc363ca4ec5) Rick DeWitt

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