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11:42 am CHIRP Bug #9025 (Closed): Icomciv base code mem.duplex
Included in 20210428 build.
11:36 am CHIRP New Model #8431 (In Progress): ICOM IC-705
This one is on my list. I have loaner radio available locally.
Will be a live-mode driver with settings.
11:33 am CHIRP Feature #9029 (New): Kenwood TS-480 Add Settings to Live Mode
Add Settings read/write to Kenwood TS-480HX/SAT live-mode driver.
Pick the most useful settings for now. Too many to...


02:50 pm CHIRP Revision 3589:4858aa2a42bc: [icomciv.py] Fix mem.duplex setting when no duplex attribute. #9025
(cherry picked from commit 742a7d91788e0be0bbfe99827fc1dbc363ca4ec5)
02:50 pm CHIRP Revision 3505:b04ba05b7b64: [icomciv.py] Fix mem.duplex setting when no duplex attribute. #9025
07:30 am CHIRP Bug #9025 (Closed): Icomciv base code mem.duplex
The icomciv base class code is setting mem.duplex = "split" at line 564, but not all radios have the duplex attribute...


07:48 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#325)


07:15 am CHIRP Bug #8993 (New): Kenwood TS-480 Live Mode channel change errors
The TS-480 Live-mode driver does not upload channel changes due to -
1) Missing zero in MW strings
2) Mal-formed US...


08:04 am CHIRP Feature #8989 (New): Add Kenwood TM-D710G live-mode Settings
Add settings download/modify to Kenwood TM-D710G live-mode driver.
08:00 am CHIRP Feature #8987 (New): Add Settings to ICOM IC-7300 live-mode
Add IC-7300 download/modify selected settings parameters to the live-mode driver.

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