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09:19 am CHIRP Bug #8861 (New): Kenwood TS-590 SPLIT mode
The TS-590 CloneMode driver uploads all channels as SPLIT mode.
The fix is understood (Issue #8297 from the TS-480) ...


07:11 am CHIRP Bug #8363: Baojie BJ-218 Bug: Data mangled by CHIRP r20201014
I am unable to duplicate the problem with my radio.
100ms delay patch was rescinded at Dan Smiths' request.
We need...


04:04 pm CHIRP New Model #4013: Icom IC-7300
Oops- backed the % done down to 90% since I am having some great European operators ringing out the "final" beta vers...
10:06 am CHIRP Bug #4527 (Closed): Can't program 1200mhz frequencies into memory on D710
This feature (1200 MHz band) works fine in CloneMode.


09:58 am CHIRP Bug #8297: kenwood TS-480HX/SAT Writing to memory causes memory channels to be stored in SPLIT mode
I will look into this. Gotta get the loaner radio back.
09:55 am CHIRP Bug #4527: Can't program 1200mhz frequencies into memory on D710
I will look into this. Possibly fixed in clone-mode driver release.
09:51 am CHIRP Bug #7725: Won't Upload data file to IC-2730 using MacOS
I will try to take a look at this. May need to find a local operator with a MAC and use my radio...


09:06 am CHIRP Feature #4525 (Closed): Add menu support for Kenwood D710
09:04 am CHIRP Bug #8339 (Closed): TH-UV8000D/E
Fix is released in build 20210109


02:54 pm CHIRP Revision 3442:2c5859e0e3ad: [th_uv8000] Allow scan priority channel 0 (OFF). Issue #8339

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