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11:12 AM CHIRP Bug #1621 (New): KG-UV6D
My Wouxun is the 66-88mhz -136mhz-174mhz model
when you want to add a frequency of say 70.450mhz (4m call here in ...
lee lewis
11:05 AM CHIRP Feature #1585: Wouxun kg-uv6d Frequency Range Update
Bug! KG-UV6D shows invalid freq when adding 70.450 in right click /edit pop up editing section
followed instructi...
lee lewis
10:39 AM CHIRP New Model #1185: Baojie BJ-9900
I have one of these radio's too, I will +1 this request, Thanks lee lewis


12:41 PM CHIRP New Model #1453: Iradio UV-F9
I will lend my uvf9 if it helps lee lewis


03:23 AM CHIRP New Model #1453: Iradio UV-F9
thanks for the information Jim.
I tried the TYT TH-UVF9 software and it would not read and write whatsoever
lee lewis
12:50 AM CHIRP New Model #1453 (Feedback): Iradio UV-F9
could you please add this model
I had a job locating software to programme this new model
the website www.qziradi...
lee lewis

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