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12:29 pm CHIRP Bug #6047: KSUN X-50 TFSI
This can be closed -- looks like changes by Jim Unroe went into CHIRP daily-20181018 (3002:cea09edbe861) which were e...


03:13 pm CHIRP Bug #4069: Memories upload to unexpected locations on Leixen VV-898S
Just confirming that the module works on a brand-new VV-898 I got a couple of weeks ago. Without ...


03:18 pm CHIRP Bug #6041: WLN
Not much info here. There is only one WLN radio supported, the KD-C1 (same as Retevis RT22).
Is that the model yo...
03:14 pm CHIRP Bug #6047 (Closed): KSUN X-50 TFSI
Same as Retevis RT22, but identifies differently (afaict).
I have a small patch to to enable it, s...

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