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08:30 pm CHIRP Bug #1571: Baofeng UV-82L
I have disassembled it and everything looks fine, no burns, all the solder look fine. Im completely stumped as to why...
07:42 am CHIRP Bug #1571: Baofeng UV-82L
Yea thats the weird thing. I hear everything just fine. Even when I scan I can hear the county over clear as day. I j...


06:51 pm CHIRP Bug #1571: Baofeng UV-82L
Here is the image file, sorry for taking so long to reply been a little busy. Thanks!


04:44 pm CHIRP Bug #1571 (Closed): Baofeng UV-82L
I have a Baofeng UV-82L. I used Chirp to program it, it worked fine for a good while but here recently my radio will ...

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