Dan Smith

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  • CHIRP (Manager, 09/10/2011)


Reported issues: 102


07:08 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#190)


09:10 am CHIRP Revision 3008:c6cab71d7d7d: Remove csvdump from pep8 manifest
Related to #6227
06:39 am CHIRP Revision 3007:55edcc84f27a: Remove old and broken csvdump
This is a relic from the early days of CHIRP, before we had a general-purpose
UI and when we only supported four mode...


09:02 am CHIRP Bug #6213: Mac OS X 20181018 won't run (contains failed patch)
This error looks like you haven't followed the instructions regarding the runtime that needs to be installed before t...


09:03 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#187)


07:46 am CHIRP Revision 3000:389e4736514b: Fix style issues with the previous patch
Related to #5167


08:39 am CHIRP Bug #6107 (Rejected): Malware
Hi John,
Your antivirus software is not actually saying that chirp is or contains malware. It's saying it doesn't ...


03:03 pm CHIRP Revision 2997:fb6bab71861c: Fix detection tests for images with metadata
The test needs to be tolerant of the dyanamic class being
a subclass of the real radio class. Since we didn't have an...
01:57 pm CHIRP Revision 2996:06e9df1599ea: Add test image for Boblov X3Plus
Related to #6073


10:35 am CHIRP Wiki edit: DevelopersProcess (#31)

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