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01:19 pm CHIRP Bug #6459 (Rejected): New update doesn't work
I don't have a way to view docx files. If you have a screenshot to include, please do so with some normal imag...
12:31 pm CHIRP Revision 3161:3f7c8255f0d1: Merge with default branch
08:18 am CHIRP Wiki edit: DevelopersProcess (#33)
08:15 am CHIRP Wiki edit: DevelopersProcess (#32)


12:45 pm CHIRP Bug #6397 (Closed): Installing updates Win 10 Pro
Hi John,
Just FYI, there is no need to uninstall one version before installing another. Just install the new versi...
12:06 pm CHIRP Bug #6457: IC-2730 driver does not properly support tuning steps other than 5kHz
Also, if you don't have time to look at this but could just post an image with two channels that are identical aside ...
12:02 pm CHIRP Revision 3160:b0f3fbc1d36b: [py3] Minor 2to3 change for kenwood_itm driver
No image in tree, so untested.
11:48 am CHIRP Revision 3159:6c757439562b: [py3] Enable testing the CSV and HMK drivers
This fixes some test infrastructure so we can run the tests on these, as well as
makes the two drivers work properly ...
11:16 am CHIRP Revision 3158:08ada200f7c4: [py3] Fix ict7h driver regression from 2to3 conversion
This fixes the ict7h driver for 12.5kHz step frequencies, uncovered by the
recent fix to the oddsteps test.
11:04 am CHIRP Revision 3157:d76f1cc19c0f: [py3] Make RadioSettingGroup sortable in python3
This is a fix for some error handling in the tests that assumes it can
sort these objects.

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