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12:21 pm CHIRP Bug #9259 (Closed): TD H6 Tone problem
Yep, what Jim said is right. Since chirp supports lots of different kinds of radios with differing behavior, we have ...


08:03 am CHIRP Feature #9205 (Rejected): Lighthouse non-profit needs Chirp help!


06:43 am CHIRP Revision 3530:0beae3420e12: Fix get_features() for rt98 when no memobj is present
For the cases where we're not actually loading an image or receiving
one from the radio, get_features() needs to be a...


12:25 pm CHIRP Revision 3526:5696d9bffeb8: Fix style issues from #9127


04:52 pm CHIRP Bug #9143 (Closed): Radioddity GA-510 DTCS error
Applied in changeset commit:7a13867d6047.
04:09 pm CHIRP Revision 3519:7a13867d6047: Fix GA510 DTCS codes missing 654
This was causing an off-by-one error in the higher codes.
Fixes #9143
04:09 pm CHIRP Bug #9143 (Closed): Radioddity GA-510 DTCS error
It was reported by a user that the DTCS code list for the GA-510 is out of sync with the radio and OEM software at so...


11:34 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#331)


07:10 pm CHIRP Revision 3508:1ee9a4840389: Default to new-style detection for the GT-5R
Related to #9077
01:50 pm CHIRP Revision 3507:55057cd5d54e: Add Radioddity GT-5R
This is a special version of the UV-5R with a requirement around
enforcing tx-inhibit outside of the legal limits.

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