Dan Smith

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  • CHIRP (Manager, 09/10/2011)


Reported issues: 124


04:36 pm CHIRP Revision 3595:67eefb818264: Merge branch 'master' of github.com:kk7ds/chirp


07:05 pm CHIRP Revision 3584:d75c87605ad9: Fix style issues in fix for #9399.


08:15 pm CHIRP Revision 3569:0fc90a07f213: Fix style issue from #9381
11:21 am CHIRP Revision 3573:765014673bca: Merge branch 'py3' of github.com:kk7ds/chirp into py3
11:19 am CHIRP Revision 3565:edf763f7a6c7: Merge with py3


01:10 pm CHIRP Bug #9307 (Closed): 8/25 Daily Release will not start up after successful install
Yup, this was my bad. I imported only one part of the removal of a legacy module from another branch while trying to ...
01:04 pm CHIRP Revision 3558:6ec19dbaa405: Fix dangling references to generic_xml
A too-swift removal of the generic_xml module on my part left
some dangling references to it in the UI that prevented...


05:43 pm CHIRP Revision 3557:04a5c5909101: Merge with head created by Joe's patch
05:40 pm CHIRP Revision 3555:35abb71f7bfc: Merge with upstream py3


12:21 pm CHIRP Bug #9259 (Closed): TD H6 Tone problem
Yep, what Jim said is right. Since chirp supports lots of different kinds of radios with differing behavior, we have ...

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