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Reported issues: 118


12:23 pm CHIRP Revision 3373:0c5db792de71: Fix the fix for #7947 when no memory is loaded (like for make_support...


09:10 am CHIRP Revision 3365:c26b3ea688ee: Fix style issue in tmd710.py
Related to #7467
08:58 am CHIRP Bug #7923 (Rejected): python3 support
I'm closing this as a duplicate of the python3 issue we've been tracking all those fixes under just for cleanliness a...


03:20 pm CHIRP Bug #7877 (Rejected): Python3 syntax errors
Jaroslav, I can't apply your patch, which seems to have been auto-translated to py3 syntax. The problem is that the *...


07:13 am CHIRP New Model #7791: Radioddity GA-510 (BF-H6?)
Hi Alan,
No that's fine, thanks for checking. I can't reproduce the problem here either, so I was just looking for...


12:43 pm CHIRP New Model #7791: Radioddity GA-510 (BF-H6?)
Hey Alan, thanks for that report. Specifically what I'm looking for is in the Settings tab on the left. Can you open ...
06:29 am CHIRP New Model #7791: Radioddity GA-510 (BF-H6?)
Alan, can you test this driver and report back if it works for you? During development one person running a non-engli...


07:31 am CHIRP New Model #7791 (Closed): Radioddity GA-510 (BF-H6?)
Applied in changeset commit:f77b68f24710.
06:14 am CHIRP Revision 3358:f77b68f24710: Add Radioddity GA-510 driver
Fixes #7791


04:11 pm CHIRP Bug #7777 (Closed): [tk3180] Setting DCS squelch fails to actually work on the radio
Applied in changeset commit:e0dbf1a6f190.

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