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03:08 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: DevelopersProcess (#37)
03:07 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: DevelopersProcess (#36)


03:40 pm CHIRP Revision 3473:5249ae1ee57b: Fix style issue introduced in #8271


10:36 am CHIRP Revision 3464:786c6252a1ed: Remove errant ui import from anytone_iii driver
The patch for #3941 imports a module from the UI for some reason, but
does not use it. This seems to have been breaki...


08:00 pm CHIRP Revision 3463:27ec2b951a71: Fix case mismatch in cpep8 manifest
This doesn't matter on case-insensive systems, but does elsewhere.
Related to the fix for #8609
07:58 pm CHIRP Revision 3461:ecf910e9fab7: Add vendor/model compatibility mapping to directory
This allows us to change radio model identification over time in the
rare circumstances where it is appropriate or ne...


10:54 am CHIRP Feature #8569 (Closed): Missing support for AnyTone AT-778 UV family in 20201221
Okay, this was a failure in the build system. I fixed the problem and regenerated the Windows build, which are update...
10:29 am CHIRP Feature #8569 (In Progress): Missing support for AnyTone AT-778 UV family in 20201221
This is because the build system was unable to install the future module into the build worker at the time it was gen...


02:55 pm CHIRP Revision 3441:52a228182876: Style fix related to patch for #8565
02:22 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Download (#23)

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