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03:23 pm CHIRP Revision 3504:42f91f6eac5c: Fix issues in recent ft2900 patch
The recent fix for #9013 introduced two style issues and also created
a detect conflict between the base 2900 driver ...


10:45 am CHIRP Bug #8967 (Closed): File - New Not Working
10:39 am CHIRP Bug #8967 (Feedback): File - New Not Working
This has been a bug for a long time, technically forever, but practically since we moved to the metadata suffix forma...
10:37 am CHIRP Bug #8967 (Closed): File - New Not Working
Applied in changeset commit:de4a5c7c0a9e.
10:32 am CHIRP Revision 3490:de4a5c7c0a9e: Fix base match_model definition for zero memsize
The base match_model() implementation defaults to comparing the file
size to Radio._memsize in order to identify the ...


05:23 pm CHIRP Revision 3489:42c5ae551170: Add a brute force test for model detection
The regular per-image model detection tests are not very well-suited
for sussing out issues with one image being dete...
05:23 pm CHIRP Revision 3488:d268dbe39542: Move rt21 match_model() up to the base class
The RT21 lineage has a match_model that clearly intends to be on the
base class (as it checks for model==RT21), but i...


10:22 am CHIRP Wiki edit: CableGuide (#39)


07:01 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#320)


05:48 pm CHIRP Bug #8869 (Closed): Add OTG Radio V1 alias

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