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09:34 am CHIRP Revision 3426:1418baa380c1: Fix crash in anytone_iii when memobj isn't loaded
The new anytone_iii driver inspected the memory object during get_features(),
just to count the memories, which shoul...
08:33 am CHIRP Revision 3424:2b8fc0042c82: Add test image for QYT KT-8R
Related to #6843


06:58 am CHIRP Revision 3417:bb35ab975007: Fix style isse in th_uv88
Related to #7817


03:59 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: FAQ (#48)


12:20 pm CHIRP Feature #8259: Window size is constrained by toolbar
Sorry, but I'm not sure where and how this is a problem. Can you post some screenshots or more explanation please?


05:59 am CHIRP Bug #7939 (Closed): Radioddity GA-510 download reverses tones and changes Tone Modes


11:54 am CHIRP Bug #7939 (In Progress): Radioddity GA-510 download reverses tones and changes Tone Modes
Can one (or both) of you try the attached module? Enable developer functions under Help, if not already, and then Fil...
11:53 am CHIRP Revision 3403:2d7b5508d895: Fix transposed GA-510 tones


06:49 am CHIRP Bug #8107: Bug with FT50r
Any chance you're trying to run this under python3?


02:02 pm CHIRP Bug #8067: Version guidance for packagers is unclear
Yeah, I'm not going back to maintaining stable releases. We do a pretty good job of ensuring that we don't break thin...

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