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06:51 am CHIRP Bug #2465 (Rejected): OSX Hard Lockup When Radio Disconnected
As Tom said, the *only* thing that can cause an OS hard lock up is out of chirp's control. Serial drivers on OSX are ...


02:58 pm CHIRP Revision 3354:b96f891fab28: Update template to use process_mmap() for _memobj initialization
This is how the load_mmap() pattern expects to initialize from file
02:55 pm CHIRP Bug #7659 (Closed): [bj9900] Tuning Steps need updating


03:56 pm CHIRP New Model #2835 (Closed): Kenwood TK Commercial series
This is done.
03:56 pm CHIRP New Model #743 (Closed): Kenwood TK-8180
This is done.
03:56 pm CHIRP Bug #4041 (Closed): Kenwood TK760G-1 and Kenwood TK-7160E are suppurted?? they i think the EU-Mod...
This is done.


04:35 pm CHIRP Revision 3351:68534f20c141: [py3] Re-select the last editor when reloading the radio.


05:15 pm CHIRP Revision 3350:38ec9f94e7a6: [py3] Make the browser support edits, validation and fixed-width fonts


08:19 pm CHIRP Revision 3345:a2d6850b370d: [py3] Make the memory editor use fixed-width fonts, like it should
08:19 pm CHIRP Revision 3346:9ef6c30fe30c: [py3] Add another option to reload the driver and the currently-open ...
Makes developing against another piece of software much easier.

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