Darren Brown

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04:51 am CHIRP New Model #8239 (Closed): Leixen UV-25D
I too have one of these new Leixens and chirp will read and write to it using the vv898s option but the radio obvious...


01:31 pm CHIRP Bug #6513: Baoefeng UVB6 and BF-T1
Jim Unroe wrote:
> The UV-B6 was addressed with bug #6543. I will be correcting the BF-T1 shortly.
> Jim KC9HI


02:41 am CHIRP Bug #6513 (Closed): Baoefeng UVB6 and BF-T1
Latest build refuses to program 6.25khz and 12.5 khz steps on these two radio models.
It will download and re writ...

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