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11:54 am CHIRP Bug #2289: Windows 8.1
I am able to program my BF-888 fine using Windows 7 and Windows 10 Technical Preview (both 64-bit). Which model do yo...
11:47 am CHIRP New Model #2295: Kenwood TH-22E
Translation to English:
"First I'd like a localized version for Spanish users, though it isn't that necessary and ...
11:43 am CHIRP Feature #2297 (New): chirpw launch script for Windows
This patch adds a "chirpw.bat" which automatically detects Python 2.7 installation and then proceeds to launch the gr...


04:09 pm CHIRP Feature #2291: "off" duplex for H-777
Well, I don't know how I managed to use the program with the patch given above because the "unknown" bits thing was m...
01:09 pm CHIRP Feature #2291 (New): "off" duplex for H-777
Attached is a patch that adds a "off" duplex (ie disable transmission) for H-777. Tested to be working on my Baofeng ...

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