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08:16 pm CHIRP Feature #9767 (New): Retevis RT22S not showing all 32 channels
The Retevis RT22S is, despite it's 22-channel factory config, equipped with 32 channel memories. CHIRP is currently ...


10:34 pm CHIRP New Model #7179: Retevis RT22S
The RT22S is constrained to 22 channels as delivered, but I now have mine loaded with 32 memory channels using Retevi...


10:53 pm CHIRP New Model #7179: Retevis RT22S
I am beginning to examine the RT22S more closely, having just obtained a pair. It is sold worldwide with a variety o...


10:37 pm CHIRP New Model #7531: WLN KD-C1 Plus
KD-C1 Plus has quite different specs from the KD-C1, several added features and such.
I would not expect the KD-C1 P...


04:26 pm CHIRP Bug #6989: Radio Identification failed error
The Retevis RT22 has undergone both stylistic (outer case) and internal upgrades/modifications between production run...


12:43 pm CHIRP New Model #7179: Retevis RT22S
Kenny Madsen wrote:
> I am curious on the RT22 model that works. At one point in time it worked now I get the dredd...


11:56 pm CHIRP New Model #7179: Retevis RT22S
RT22S actually quite different from RT22.
RT22S has 22 channels instead of RT22's 16, plus has compander and scram...

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