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06:38 pm CHIRP Revision 2528:256ccb5acf24: Add newline at end of console status (#2343)
When downloading/uploading on the console, a pretty status bar is
printed on a single line. At the end of the transf...


01:55 pm CHIRP Revision 2523:b57aabdf7f18: README.chirpc: new file (#2343)
This patch adds a new README.chirpc file, providing some basic recipies
for accomplishing tasks using the renovated CLI.
01:55 pm CHIRP Revision 2522:ac586d372508: chirpc: add --copy-mem option (#2343)
This patch adds an option that permits copying a memory channel.
01:55 pm CHIRP Revision 2521:8320970dc260: chirpc: add --clear-mem option (#2343)
This patch gives the CLI the means of clearing a memory channel.
01:54 pm CHIRP Revision 2520:94bf6ebc3166: chirpc: make mem options more robust (#2343)
This patch makes the memory options more robust to a bad memory number
argument and some other exceptions. It also f...
01:54 pm CHIRP Revision 2519:68f956bc4f47: chirpc: add --list-mem (#2343)
This patch allows the CLI to print out the entire list of memories.
If --verbose is given, it displays empty slots to...
01:54 pm CHIRP Revision 2518:395ad4644861: chirpc: add --list-settings (#2343)
This patch allows the CLI to print out the radio's current settings.
01:54 pm CHIRP Revision 2517:0f6852e26fa5: Improve settings strigification (#2343)
This patch allows a RadioSettings object to be strigified. It also
cleans up the string representation of RadioSetti...
01:53 pm CHIRP Revision 2516:5d2944c269ee: chirpc: add memory option group (#2343)
This patch groups the memory/channel modification options into an
argument group, making the --help text easier to di...
01:53 pm CHIRP Revision 2515:9185e6e788cb: Improve CLI download/upload (#2343)
This patch adds much-needed checks in the CLI, allowing an unwitting
user to stumble their way toward a working set o...

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