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01:07 pm CHIRP New Model #9091 (Feedback): Midland CT890
Perché non è ancora supportato.
L'aggiunta di una nuova radio a Chirp richiede due cose:
1) uno sviluppatore volo...
11:29 am CHIRP Bug #9087 (Closed): Can't write: C:\Program Files
Resolved by submitter
11:21 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#332)
11:15 am CHIRP New Model #9071 (Closed): Baofeng UV-860
Resolved by submitter.
Added radio to list of [[Supported Radios]].


10:42 am CHIRP Bug #9083 (Feedback): Installing from flatpak fails with error message
I don't have experience with flatpacks (yet), but a quick web search will help.


04:45 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#330)
04:43 pm CHIRP New Model #8263: Baofeng BF-U9
Makes sense - I will take these radios out again until we have confirmation.
04:31 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#329)
04:31 pm CHIRP Feature #9075: Baofeng UV-10R power levels
Actually, the list of [[Supported Radios]] had the UV-10R as "use UV-5R". I changed that to "use BF-F8HP 3 power leve...
02:52 pm CHIRP New Model #9079: Baofeng BF-858
Could you please provide a debug log as described in the Wiki: "[[How To Report Issues]]"? Thanks!
That might tell us...

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