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06:14 pm CHIRP Bug #9229 (Closed): error from Linux 'Manual installation from source'
Duplicates #9227.


05:54 pm CHIRP Bug #9209 (Closed): Serial Port needed using software down load
No more feedback by submitter.
05:51 pm CHIRP Bug #8921 (Closed): TYT TH 9800 Programming failed
No more feedback by submitter.


02:01 pm CHIRP Bug #9357 (Feedback): qyt08900
We assume that's one of the QYT KT8900 variants? Can you give us any details what you meant by "extra ID wrong messag...
01:56 pm CHIRP Bug #9369 (Feedback): WINDOWS 11
Since Windows 11 is not officially releasded yet, we don't know.
Did you try, and it doesn't work?
01:51 pm CHIRP New Model #9363 (Closed): Support for Wouxun KG-UV920P-A and KG-UV980P
These requests duplicate tickets #386 (KG-UV920P) and #7223 (KG-UV980P).
Please follow and post there. Thanks!


06:43 pm CHIRP Bug #9361 (Closed): Baofeng uv-82HP " Radio did not respond"


08:14 pm CHIRP Bug #9355 (Closed): how can i unlock my baofeng uv 5 r for all of the p25 feq
This is a question which isn't about Chirp.
Chirp can't make a radio do what it doesn't support.
08:10 pm CHIRP New Model #5711 (Closed): Baofeng BF-999s Plus (KS-317)
08:06 pm CHIRP Bug #9339 (Closed): Having trouble with getting the Radios to respond to CHIRP for programming.
Resolved by submitter.

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