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02:00 am CHIRP Bug #9912 (Closed): Import From Data Source Functions is buggy
Duplicates #9913.
01:53 am CHIRP Bug #9907 (Closed): Voltage
This isn't a Chirp bug, nor a Feature or New Model request.
This is a question best asked on the "mailing list":http...
01:49 am CHIRP Bug #9906 (Closed): Starting CHIRP on MacOS 12.4


12:38 am CHIRP New Model #9665: Radtel RT-490
I found your patch on the developer's mailing list ("New driver for Radtel RT-490 and clones (fix #9665) (patch)", Ma...


10:16 pm CHIRP Bug #9888: ABBREE AR-869
Deleted software - please do not add software in this forum, it could cause copyright trouble. Instead, post a link t...
10:13 pm CHIRP New Model #9897 (Closed): Retevis RT20
Duplicates ticket #6067. Please follow and comment there. Thanks!
09:53 pm CHIRP New Model #9894 (Feedback): CRT FP00
Not yet, when not listed in the list of [[Supported Radios]] (and it isn't).
01:59 am CHIRP Bug #9888 (Feedback): ABBREE AR-869
01:27 am CHIRP Bug #9885: CHIRP error "radio not responding" (Bug #9187) Baofeng UV-5G
Did Jim's input help?
01:08 am CHIRP Bug #9884 (Rejected): BaoFeng BF-F8HP need to expand locations in .img file
Chirp cannot make the radio do things it doesn't support.
The BF-F8HP supports 128 channels, no more.
Jim's suggest...

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