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05:36 pm CHIRP New Model #5453 (Feedback): Bendix King Radios Request
Hi Kevin, do you have a specific model in mind? If there's more than one, please open one ticket for each. Thanks!
05:23 pm CHIRP New Model #5201 (Closed): CS108G+ Transceiver
05:22 pm CHIRP New Model #5199 (Closed): CS108G+ Transceiver
05:10 pm CHIRP Bug #3757 (Closed): Baofeng UV-5RC HP
Duplicates #3759.
04:23 pm CHIRP Bug #1053 (Closed): Baojie BJ-UV99
03:51 pm CHIRP New Model #5 (Closed): Yaesu FT-150
This radio does not seem to exist (see previous post).
Support for the FT-1500M is now available.
Tickets for the VX-...


10:55 pm CHIRP New Model #7571: Motorola CM300
Thanks for opening a dedicated ticket for the CM300 (I've closed your previous one).
To get this radio supported b...
10:36 pm CHIRP New Model #7197 (Closed): motorola radios
I closed this ticket. A ticket for the Motorola CM300 has been opened (#7571).
10:25 pm CHIRP New Model #7543: FT-25R
Built a cable, corrected some model specific parameters, can already download error-free.
It turned out that memory ...
01:11 pm CHIRP New Model #6349 (Closed): Zastone ZT-889G
Closing, because this is actually duplicating #5707.

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