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09:54 am CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
Looks like it's fixed. I very much appreciate your efforts here. Curious when this might appear in an official updat...


10:31 am CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
Using the BT-F8HP model selection with the "" driver module, transferring data in both directions preser...
09:00 am CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
Jim, please see attached log and image.


07:03 pm CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
I get this error over the red background: "Unable to load module: invalid syntax (, line 1900)".
03:30 pm CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
Jim, I just selected the BT-F8HP model selection after loading the "" driver module. CHIRP's upload and ...
02:58 pm CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
See attached for the .img created in the earlier step. I'll try the driver module here in a moment and...
10:23 am CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
Attached please find two additional log files, each containing comments at the beginning of each file detail...


07:28 pm CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
By the way, in this case the radio programming was slightly different than mentioned in my earlier example. The log ...
07:23 pm CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
Jim, log file attached as requested.


06:12 pm CHIRP Bug #6725: UV-5XP
I manually programmed three channels into the radio, each channel on 146.520. Channel 0 is low, 1 is mid, and 2 is h...

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