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01:55 PM CHIRP Feature #9762 (Feedback): Chirp Language Make The Turkish
Chirp language make the Turkısh help.?
lanuage codes websites:
mert akça
01:52 AM CHIRP Bug #9761 (Closed): Help Please Baofeng Radio
How do I interfere with the radio brain? Changing khz range or something? with which file? .img file or .py file? que... mert akça


03:27 PM CHIRP Bug #9758: BAOFENG BF-F11 not transmitting
fixed. The problem is that the tx setting is turned off in the program :) mert akça
03:18 PM CHIRP Bug #9758 (Closed): BAOFENG BF-F11 not transmitting
Help please ! BAOFENG BF-F11 not transmitting How do I solve this problem? I reset it, it didn't fix it. I flashed... mert akça


11:47 PM CHIRP Bug #314: UV5R Firmware BFB291
ben anlamamak bunları hangi klasöre atmak? video ile öğretsenize lütfen.ben var sıfır bilgi. mert akça
11:34 PM CHIRP Bug #3181: chirp won't startup in windows 10
pc reset ok. no problem mert akça
10:46 PM CHIRP Bug #9754 (Closed): Baofeng Radio Language Change
How the make baofeng radio change language?
Help please.
İmg? file open? or .py filo open? info p...
mert akça


01:22 AM CHIRP Feature #9233 (Closed): BAOFENG BF-F11
*I want to update the firmware of my bf f11 radio or install the old version.
1-Is there a download site where I c...
mert akça


02:01 PM CHIRP Feature #8319 (Closed): Wouxun KG-UV9DPlus: use Chirp to adjust frequency limits and screen colors
hello frequency limit and screen colors change program is there or can you do it? mert akça

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