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06:08 pm CHIRP New Model #1003: The new Icom IC-7100
I can offer an IC-7100 for REMOTE testing:
1. The developer ("you") writes the software (probably very similar to ...
05:41 pm CHIRP Feature #551: Add support for IC-7000 banks
I no longer own this radio (replaced with IC-7100), so I can't do any meaningful testing on it.
05:39 pm CHIRP Bug #559: Chirp does not correctly decode some ID-880H frequencies
I think you are confusing the "step" (which the user can set), with the internal "multiplier" that the radio chooses ...


05:56 pm CHIRP Feature #777 (New): Add option to set DTR and RTS
Some serial-to radio cables use RS232-to-TTL converters, and/or have TTL logic to split out TX and RX from just one s...


10:54 am CHIRP Revision 1974:0351f0ee06d7: Fix missing callsign tag field in Icom ID-31 #771
09:45 am CHIRP Bug #771 (Closed): ID-31 code does not include callsign tag field
The callsign tag field is missing from the mycall table, which also means that any callsigns past the first one resul...


04:02 pm CHIRP Feature #551: Add support for IC-7000 banks
Posted here as a permanent record: I'm starting to investigate this (don't assign it to me yet), and I found some fr...


08:44 am CHIRP New Model #553: Add support for ID-51
Shouldn't this be closed, so interested users can see the details of the radio was tested/added, and any further work...


06:45 pm CHIRP Revision 1903:a509b80675f0: [id51] Add support for Icom ID-51A #553


05:52 pm CHIRP New Model #553: Add support for ID-51
I was just going to ask on the list, about where the detailed development discussion should be for device-specific is...

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