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01:14 pm CHIRP Feature #9379 (Closed): Make "Open" in "File" menu work with last_dir in chirp.config PY3
The open file dialog should start by listing files in last_dir from chirp.config and update chirp.config when the use...


01:58 pm CHIRP Bug #9371 (Closed): Add "Open Recent" menu to "File" menu in PY3 branch


02:55 pm CHIRP Bug #9371 (Closed): Add "Open Recent" menu to "File" menu in PY3 branch
Add "Open Recent" menu to "File" menu
* Limit "Open Recent" menu to 8 files.
* Read list of files from config at st...


11:02 am CHIRP Bug #3149 (Closed): Swapped Values in IC-7000 Debug Log
The Icom CI-V driver echos frames to the debug log. In one, the arrow points to the sending CI-V address.


02:19 pm CHIRP Feature #3133 (In Progress): Add Special Channel Support to the IC-7000
Add support for scan edge and call channels.
The IC-7000 is an Icom CI-V radio.


04:05 pm CHIRP Bug #3127 (Closed): Show Raw Memory Displays Wrong Channel on IC-7000
When "Show Raw Memory" is chosen for a memory location, a different memory location is displayed. For example: bank ...


11:15 am CHIRP Feature #3101 (Closed): Add Spllit Duplex to IC-7000
10:56 am CHIRP Bug #3079 (Closed): Make Icom CI-V Driver PEP8 Compliant
10:48 am CHIRP Feature #3085 (Closed): Add Scan Skip to IC-7000 Memory
10:37 am CHIRP Feature #551 (Closed): Add support for IC-7000 banks

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