Leo Bärring

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Reported issues: 2


10:08 pm CHIRP Revision 2781:8f130a6bfcd4: [px888k] Adding support for the Puxing PX-888K. Fixes, among others, ...
List of issues asking for support of the model:
#3447 #1659 #379 #288


03:40 pm CHIRP Feature #4051: Add full support for KT-8900R
For the second of the open questions I should be able to provide an answer, I think:
You can't have those radio-spec...


01:32 am CHIRP Revision 2774:635f102f84db: Provides a mem_val getter for RadioSettingValueMap, fixes issue #4033
01:00 am CHIRP Revision 2773:c8e5761ed19d: Renames value to mem_val, fixes issue #4031
Also a "hello world" patch for me.


06:30 pm CHIRP Bug #4033 (Closed): RadioSettingValueMap provides no getter for the mem_val
The docstring for RadioSettingValueMap states that it should be possible
to get and set the value both by the user o...
05:39 pm CHIRP Bug #4031 (Closed): set_mem_val() with an invalid value throws the wrong exception
chirp/settings.py, line 245 is supposed to raise an InvalidValueError
when the value we are trying to set is not in ...

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