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05:12 pm CHIRP Bug #5127 (Feedback): BF-F9V2+ Unable to download Radio - Radio did not respond
Does the factory software work? Unless it does, this is most likely do to a cabling issue (probably a poor connection...


07:20 pm CHIRP Bug #5097 (Feedback): baofeng UV5ra - ubuntu Radio did not respond
Hi Andrea,
It is most likely a connection problem between the 2-pin plug and the radio socket (very common) or a d...
07:12 pm CHIRP New Model #5109: Radioddity R1 (minor change)
Hi Christian,
Let's see if that is the only difference. Try this test driver module. Here's how...
1 Download t...
06:54 pm CHIRP Feature #5103 (Feedback): DTMF & ANI code changing for QYT KT-8900
Hi Brent,
It is all right there. Virtually the same as for a UV-5R. You have 15 code slots with up to 16 DTMF sign...
06:39 pm CHIRP Bug #5099 (Feedback): Code Cleanup patch
This "CHIRP Development Process":http://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/DevelopersProcess page is pretty much...
06:34 pm CHIRP Bug #5085: Baofeng UV-5RE Plus
You should not be running a 2014 version of CHIRP on a Baofeng radio.
The settings tab does not appear because the...


12:55 pm CHIRP Bug #5095: no se instala chirp w7 sp1
Also make sure there are no special characters in the name of your Windows user. If there are, you will have to renam...
12:46 pm CHIRP Bug #5095 (Feedback): no se instala chirp w7 sp1
It sounds like you may have a problem with a corrupt chirp.config file. This file is stored in the same folder as the...


03:54 pm CHIRP Bug #5065 (Feedback): Chirp doesn´t open or save any image
Someone recently has a similar issue. The problem was due to the the folder having a special character in the name. T...
03:51 pm CHIRP Bug #5059 (Feedback): Firmware 1
You are trying to upload an image that came from a radio that doesn't have an exact match for the firmware version. B...

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