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11:20 am CHIRP Bug #5087: Error reporting is enabled
Yes, this is likely the issue as documented in #272. One idea short of formatting your PC is to create a second user....


10:40 am CHIRP Bug #1735 (Feedback): Yaesu VX-8DR - Frequencies programmed with chirp have frequency offset in T...
Bill Moldt wrote:
> The solution was for me to factory reset my radio and program manually.
> I'd like to assi...


12:09 am CHIRP Bug #4973 (Rejected): Missing link to Memory Editor Columns
Looks like it's there to me. Right after [[MacOS Tips]].


05:23 pm CHIRP Bug #4941: Can not get in to Radio Reference
I concur. It doesn't seem to like the zip code. When I got to and put K1C 2J1 ...
12:36 pm CHIRP Bug #4941 (Feedback): Can not get in to Radio Reference
Please provide instructions for how to reproduce the issue.


12:27 pm CHIRP Bug #4925 (Rejected): Chirp & Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra ... a no go?)
Sounds like you need to install drivers for your cable.


09:40 am CHIRP Feature #4879 (Feedback): Kenwood: Save versus live editing
The F6A and V71A support two different protocols for editing memories, MCP and "live". Chirp utilizes the live protoc...


04:21 pm CHIRP Feature #4809 (Feedback): Dark Theme
You should be able to do this with your window manager. Here are some instructions


09:07 pm CHIRP Bug #4791: MacOS daily-20170501 repeatable crash
This sounds like an issue I observed when using a Yaesu VX5. There were some unprintable characters in a memory chann...


01:11 pm CHIRP Bug #4757 (Rejected): Chirp crashes on upload to Yaesu VX5 and Yaesu VX7 via USB-Serial-Cable
Bug caused by USB driver, not Chirp.

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