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VX-6R: "ghost" channels after switching to CHIRP-next

Added by Tom Ulrich 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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I recently modified a VX-6R image generated with CHIRP-legacy usingCHIRP-next and uploaded it to my radio. I noticed that the memory banks in my radio keep displaying references to channels that I'd moved or deleted in CHIRP-next. These channels do not appear when scrolling through the radio's channel list directly (that is, not in banks). Downloading the radio's memory back to CHIRP-next, I can see no reference to these channels. However, downloading the radio's memory to CHIRP-legacy, I can see grayed-out references to these channels in the radio's memory, as though CHIRP-next did not completely delete or move them. I've attached the radio's IMG file as well as screenshots of what I see in both CHIRP-next and CHIRP-legacy.

Note that I've seen similar behavior with an FT-60R (used CHIRP-next to modify a radio image originally generated in CHIRP-legacy, loaded into radio, ghost channels showing up). If needed, I can open a second ticket for that issue.


Yaesu_VX-6_20230501.img (32 KB) Yaesu_VX-6_20230501.img VX-6R radio image Tom Ulrich, 05/01/2023 04:46 PM
VX-6R_CHIRP-legacy_Screenshot 2023-05-01 193958.png (90.9 KB) VX-6R_CHIRP-legacy_Screenshot 2023-05-01 193958.png CHIRP-legacy screenshot - see grayed out channel references Tom Ulrich, 05/01/2023 04:46 PM
VX-6R_CHIRP-next_Screenshot 2023-05-01 194033.png (69.6 KB) VX-6R_CHIRP-next_Screenshot 2023-05-01 194033.png CHIRP-next screenshot Tom Ulrich, 05/01/2023 04:47 PM
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Updated by Dan Smith 7 months ago

What you're seeing is what Yaesu calls "masking". On a yaesu (or at least, most of them), when you delete a memory the radio just marks it as deleted but does not actually erase what was there. In chirp legacy, it supported showing these as greyed out (or "ghosted" as you say). Old chirp also had some ability to do full deletes (which isn't what the radio does) but it was very yaesu-specific and not technically kosher. New chirp doesn't support that, and just shows those memories as deleted like the radio does and that's why you see the difference.

So with that explanation, I think we can close this as not a bug?

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Updated by Tom Ulrich 7 months ago

Thanks Dan. Is there a way in CHIRP-next to make sure those masked memories don't show up in memory banks? That was how I noticed the issue in the first place.

But at least for the moment, it sounds like the best solution for VX-6R owners is, use CHIRP-legacy.

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Updated by Dan Smith 7 months ago

Oh I missed that part. You're saying that the deleted channels still show up in bank view on the radio, even though they're gone from the regular memory view?

If so, that was also a bug in chirp-legacy, just unintentional and maybe work-around-able by doing the full delete-after-mask... maybe? If you confirm, I'll try to look at that, but I have neither of those radios so I'll definitely need you to test a solution.

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Updated by Tom Ulrich 7 months ago

Hi Dan: That's correct. On the VX-6R, using an image generated with CHIPR-next, deleted/masked channels still show up in bank view on the radio. (Don't worry about the FT-60R; user error on my part, CHIRP-next is working fine with that radio.)

I'd be happy to test a solution if you can come up with one.

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Updated by Dan Smith 7 months ago

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