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DMR / MotoTRBO radios

Added by Mike Storke about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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I don't know individual model numbers, but I notice that few commercial radios are supported in Chirp right now. DMR is becoming popular and may soon surpass D-STAR (for many reasons) as the preferred VHF/UHF digital voice mode, and the MotoTRBO system seems to be the favorite. Is there any particular reason why these commercial radios can't be supported?

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Updated by Tom Hayward about 9 years ago

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Modern Motorolas' memory, at least according to my simple test, are encrypted and therefore cannot be reverse engineered. I only checked my HT1250, but I suspect this applies to the DMR radios too. Since discovering this, my conslusion has been to stop buying Motorola.

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Updated by Jens Jensen about 9 years ago

Just to echo what Tom has said, the reason for not touching Moto with a ten-foot pole is around possible legal repercussions.
Moto is known in certain radio programming communities to aggressively assert it's legal weight around RSS.

This is an interesting read:

I would recommend that more Moto patrons provide feedback to them that they desire more open radio programming choices.
Moto's attitude might soften to enough customer pressure - you never know ;)

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Updated by Mike Storke about 9 years ago

OMG, I heard they were cranky, but this is just ridiculous--I thought I had read most of Repeater Builder's pages in years past, but missed that one completely. This is just insane...

As for encrypting the memory, that is very strange, but I doubt it's really that hard consider all the other things being broken nowadays. Hell, 25-30 years ago I was breaking copy protects and such. I don't buy that ANYTHING is impossible to reverse engineer: difficult, yes, but...

Still, if things are this bad, I'd be afraid of being sued, too. :(


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