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04:26 am CHIRP New Model #1829: Icom IC-9100
I purchased an IC-9100 at the end of the year, and I can loan it or work with images like you're doing with the Alinc...


12:46 am CHIRP New Model #4129: Kenwood TH-D74A
I've been at a new job so sorry it apparently took a whole month (!!) to reply here! I'm very sorry about that. Do ...


03:22 am CHIRP New Model #4129: Kenwood TH-D74A
I've decided not to buy the radio after playing with it at HRO. However, if you don't get any takers in the next wee...


01:09 am CHIRP New Model #4129 (Closed): Kenwood TH-D74A
Brand new radio selling like hotcakes. Will buy and offer for loan to get supported. Meant to be a replacement for ...


12:03 am CHIRP New Model #1961: ID-51A Anniversary Edition
Yup, couldn't resist and dropped money on both radios. Annoying I missed the loan offered flag again, sorry. :(


05:04 am CHIRP New Model #1961 (Closed): ID-51A Anniversary Edition
I think I'm going to break down and buy this, perhaps today. Willing to loan along with my IC-T81A and perhaps a DJ-...


04:55 pm CHIRP New Model #1409 (Rejected): Icom IC-T81A
I have an IC-T81A that I can loan the team. I believe the programming format is very similar to other Icom radios of...
04:49 pm CHIRP New Model #1403: DMR / MotoTRBO radios
OMG, I heard they were cranky, but this is just ridiculous--I thought I had read most of Repeater Builder's pages in ...
04:43 pm CHIRP Feature #1269: Linux documentation for connection permission-denied
I can't speak for Ubuntu-specifics (I won't touch that windows-y POS), but the problem is more of a UNIX one in that ...
04:34 pm CHIRP Feature #1369: Android app
Not sure if I should write this here or the mailing list, but here goes. Two possibly stupid questions:
1. How ha...

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