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Bao-hui or Baohui BH-620

Added by Dobroslaw Liszka over 8 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I'd like to welcome everybody, first time in chirp.
I have a problem- I've bought "Professional FM Transceiver" called Baohui BH-620, UHF 403-470mHz, voltage 3,7 v and I really can not discover default frequencies or to connect it by CHIRP to PC.
This is a simple transceiver with 15+1 channels, no screen.
Is it similiar to some existing and more popular model? What can I do to connect it to CHIRP??
How can I find default frequencies in it.


Updated by Jens Jensen over 8 years ago

Try Baofeng BF-888 from the list.
If that does not work, can you provide some internet link to a picture, site with details about this radio, and/or FCC ID.
I cannot find anything on a simple search for "Baohui BH-620" or similar.

Updated by Dobroslaw Liszka over 8 years ago

Thanks for your interest, Jens.

I've tried BF-888 because it seamed the most similiar but it doesnt work.
I'm a little experienced, I have Baofeng uv82 and I can connect and operate it by usb with any trouble.
I'm afraid they doesn't have FCC ID, the company doesn't have www either.
But ther's a photo and details:

Serial number: S/N: TX2510121025620570, BATTERY: S/N:TX2510121025620129
The price is good but service...
If u're so kind, look at this.

Updated by Jens Jensen over 8 years ago

When you say BF-888 doesnt work, what do you mean?
Can you attach a debug.log from a session where you attempt to download?

Can you provide the programming software or a link to it?
Without the programming software, one could only get lucky if it was an exact clone of another common model (which it probably is, but I'm not an expert on this class of radio).

Updated by Dobroslaw Liszka over 8 years ago

I use CHIRP, and with BF-888 there's:
Radio returned unknown identification string.
e.g. for F-11 it's:
Radio did not respond.

Updated by Doychin Donchev almost 6 years ago

I have the same brand but it's called Baohui BH-918 and can be programmed by the keypad. Will check if i can program it by chirp.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 2 years ago

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