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Yawes A-338Plus

Added by Ian Hawke over 8 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

Status:Blocked Start date:04/30/2014
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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Equipment Loan Offered:No


Hello. I am having some real problems programming two Yawes A-338Plus radio’s I bought. The programming software is meant to be TYT TY-F8PG. Problem is it will not allow me to program any frequency in above 469.995 mhz. The new A-338Plus radio is supposed to be 400-520 mhz TX/RX and 134-176 mhz TX/RX. I want to program in all the Australian UHF CB frequencies from CH01 (476.425mhz) right up to CH80 (477.4125) and also program the Repeater Frequencies 1-8, 31-38, 41-48 and 71-78, the offsets being + 0.750mhz.
Simply, the software you sent just won’t do it! 469.950mhz is its max, it doesn’t recognise that the Yawes A-338Plus is now a 400-520 TX/RX radio.


Updated by Ian Hawke about 8 years ago

I have returned the radio's to the China supplier at a financial loss, but left him awful feedback.

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Leaving this one open, but blocked. It looks like we could add a variant of the TYT TY-F8PG with a wider frequency range.
We can't work on this until we have a developer and a test radio available.

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