Bug #1695

UV-82X 220MHz Problem

Added by David Riley over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:06/12/2014
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Assignee:Jim Unroe % Done:


Target version:0.4.1
Chirp Version:daily Platform:All
Model affected:UV-82X


CHIRP works fine on my UV-82X, but it will not accept a frequency entry in the 220 MHz range. It will allow a 220 Mhz frequency to be downloaded from the radio, but any attempt to edit or add a 220 MHz frequency creates this error, "Error setting memory: Frequency 224.000000 is out of supported range." No problem with entries in the 144 MHz range.

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Revision 2224:50fa1e79c3d8
Added by Jim Unroe over 5 years ago

[UV-82] UV-82X 220MHz Problem

the "rf.valid_bands" override in the "class" for the UV-82 was breaking
the vhf/220 functionality of the uv5r.py driver for this model.

support for varying band ranges by model was reworked to be similar to
how it is done in the th8102.py driver.

related to bug #1695


Updated by Jim Unroe over 5 years ago


Sometimes these VHF/220 radios come from the factory with the byte that CHIRP uses to determine if the second band is UHF or 220 set to UHF. This can usually be "fixed" by resetting the radio. Here is one way to do it.

1. launch CHIRP
2. download from the radio (this will create a tab with the current channels and settings)
3. save this tab to a .img file (this tab will now have the .img filename in it)
4. reset the radio (press and hold the [MENU] key while powering the radio ON)
5. download from the radio a second time (this will create a second tab with the 220/UHF byte set to 220)

While the second tab is selected, see if you can now key in a frequency in the 220 MHz range. If you can, continue. If you can't, see below.

6. copy and paste the channels from the first tab to the second tab.
7. edit, as needed, the settings of the second tab
8. save the second tab to a .img file
9. upload the second tab to your radio

Do not ever load the first tab or the .img file from the first tab back into your radio. If you do, CHIRP will think it is a VHF/UHF radio again.

If after you get to step 5 and you still cannot key in a 220 MHz frequency, attach the .img that was saved from the first tab and I will switch it to VHF/220 and return it.


Updated by Jim Unroe over 5 years ago

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The 220 support was broken with the 20140601 release. I'll be working on it. In the mean time you can use to 20140428 daily build for 220 support.

Updated by Jim Unroe over 5 years ago

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A patch that fixes this issue has been submitted.

Updated by David Riley over 5 years ago

I downloaded the 20140428 daily build and that works on 220

Updated by Jim Unroe over 5 years ago

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Patch is now included in current daily build

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