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05:57 pm CHIRP Bug #7751 (Feedback): Baofeng UV-6R
Hi Guilles,
What is this supposed to be? The "split" function is already implemented in this driver.
The "cht" ...


07:59 am CHIRP Bug #7745 (Feedback): Download page instructions for "brew" on macOS don't work
Hi Seth,
I think that running CHIRP using Homebrew is obsolete. I believe that the MacOS Unified Application build...


08:39 am CHIRP Bug #7737 (Closed): Getting Unknown File Format Error
Duplicates #7727.
08:32 am CHIRP Bug #7691 (Feedback): Problem programming Baofeng UV82C
Hi Rick,
CHIRP is changing it because Tone Mode = TSQL and ToneSql = 146.1 is the correct way to program a channel...
07:09 am CHIRP Bug #7741: New software will not install
Hi John,
Reboot your computer to make sure CHIRP is not running. Then try right-clicking the CHIRP installer file ...
06:58 am CHIRP Bug #6497 (Feedback): BTECH UV-5X3 - no settings
Hi Paul,
One of the band limits for the 1-1/2 meter band is out-of-range. Attach a CHIRP Radio Images (*.img) file...


08:37 am CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#237)


06:44 pm CHIRP New Model #5231 (Closed): QYT KT-7900D ID and MCU
06:43 pm CHIRP New Model #5231 (Resolved): QYT KT-7900D ID and MCU
Support for additional MCU version added.


02:09 pm CHIRP Bug #6473: Chirp not showing some menu items
Hi Luiz,
I finally comprehend what you are saying. When I switch to the Portuguese (BR) language I get the followi...

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