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01:56 am CHIRP New Model #9665: Radtel RT-490
Anton Kormiltsev wrote:
> Good afternoon.
> I checked your driver and the daily version with _HamGeek HG-580_ (anal...


07:23 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#363)
07:15 pm CHIRP New Model #9827: QYT KT-WP12 / Anysecu WP-9900
John Boal wrote:
> This also worked great for me - I copied and pasted all the memory channels from another radio an...
01:25 am CHIRP New Model #9827 (In Progress): QYT KT-WP12 / Anysecu WP-9900
Hi Bob,
Before I forget, thank you for attaching the CHIRP "image" downloaded from your radio. It was very useful....


11:45 am CHIRP New Model #9863 (Closed): Add support for the BTECH GMRS-V2
Support for the BTECH GMRS-V2 is now available in CHIRP daily-20220515.


08:19 pm CHIRP Bug #9874 (Closed): Baofeng UV9R Plus Settings Blank
The radio has internal memory issues. The owner is getting the radio replaced. This support ticket is now closed.
08:15 pm CHIRP Bug #9874: Baofeng UV9R Plus Settings Blank
Dan Ames wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Thank you very much indeed for your help on this. I think you have hit the nail on...
06:26 pm CHIRP Bug #9874 (Feedback): Baofeng UV9R Plus Settings Blank
Hi Dan,
Usually this is caused by 1, 2 or possibly 3 settings being invalid/out-of-range. In your case, except whe...
02:37 am CHIRP Bug #9419: ICOM IC-7300
Hi Steve,
Do you understand that the ICOM IC-7300 has a CI-V port and a USB port. You didn't mention which method ...


12:24 pm CHIRP Bug #9419: ICOM IC-7300
Issues like this are almost always cause by the device driver installed in Windows not being compatible with the USB-...

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