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06:59 am CHIRP Bug #6203 (Closed): radio not responding
Thanks for the followup.
06:58 am CHIRP Bug #6203 (Resolved): radio not responding
06:57 am CHIRP Bug #6237 (Feedback): Programing uv-9r on a mac
The issue is probably due to either one or both of these issues.
1. A compatible device driver for the USB-to-TTL ...
06:52 am CHIRP New Model #6253 (Feedback): Support for Radioditty GD-77
CHIRP does not support any DMR radios. My understanding is that it would require a major rewrite of CHIRP to do so.
06:47 am CHIRP Bug #6247 (Feedback): Out of Range
Hi Ralph,
As shown on the Supported Radio Models list on the CHIRP home/wiki page you should be picking...
06:40 am CHIRP New Model #6257 (Feedback): Baofeng BR-R5 Mini
Do you mean BF-R5?
06:37 am CHIRP New Model #6263: BF-658
The Baofeng BF-658 is not known to be a supported radio model. But many time a Baofeng model is a variant of another ...
06:30 am CHIRP Bug #6271 (Feedback): UV-5R receive backlight not timing out
Sounds like a hardware issue. Adjust the ABR setting from the keypad or using the Baofeng software to see if there is...
06:27 am CHIRP Bug #6285 (Rejected): Lost a channel name character when copying radio file to Baofeng UV-9R
Hi Trevor,
The Baofeng so-called "waterproof" radios only support 6 characters. There is nothing CHIRP can to do o...


05:14 pm CHIRP Bug #6251 (Feedback): Radio Fails to connect
You don't have a device driver installed that is compatible with the USB-to-TTL chip that is manufactured ...

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