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'Power' column not imported or exported [UV-5R]

Added by J T about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:UV-5R


Version: CHIRP daily-20150502

When editing memories for the UV-5R, I can switch the 'Power' setting between 'High' (default) and 'Low'. However, when exporting memories to a CSV file, the 'Power' column is not written:


Also, importing the 'Power' setting from a CSV file doesn't work and all channels default to 'High':



Updated by Jim Unroe about 5 years ago

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The power level settings vary from model to model and vendor to vendor. "High" power on a mobile radio might be 25 watts and only 2 watts on a handheld radio. For the reason, "power" is not a setting that is transferred from radio to radio via a CSV file. You can't just add a "Power" column into your CSV file and expect it to work.

If you want to transfer power level info between radios, then you must import native CHIRP Radio Images (*.img). This will set the power level of the target radio to the power level that most closely matches the power level setting of the source radio.


Updated by J T about 5 years ago

Hi Jim, I understand what you mean, but it's a shame. I'm currently generating the channel list from a larger spreadsheet. It would be great if CSV import would make use of the column if the data is in the CSV file and the device supports it. It would also make sense for the marine channels stock config as several channels are restricted to 1W. Or the PMR channels.

I seem to remember having read that CHIRP is internally managing "Power" as actual power output - would it be possible to generate something like "1W" and have that translated to the device's specific setting?


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