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TK-360G Kenwood Comercial Radio Supports UHF HAM

Added by Al Mellon over 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:03/19/2016
Priority:Normal Due date:
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Target version:0.5.0 Estimated time:2.00 hours
Chirp Version:daily Equipment Loan Offered:No


Requesting development of compatibility for the Kenwood Tk-360G -1

Commercial series radio supports HAM and has 5KHz and 2.5 KHz bandwidth.

I expect the read write data format to be the same as TK-260G already supported. When I use CHIRP daily-20160316 I receive a pop-up error window "Incorrect model ID, got P3600 (symbols), it not contains P2600". I do not have the commercial programming software, but do have a radio already programmed with HAM channels and Family Radio Service channels.

I hope I have submitted the request correctly.

Thank You & 73's,
Al Mellon

TK-360G Error.jpg - TK-360G read error (22.5 kB) Al Mellon, 03/19/2016 03:00 pm

TK-360G.jpg - TK-360G Model / Serial Number Label (584.7 kB) Al Mellon, 03/19/2016 03:00 pm

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Added by Pavel Milanes about 6 years ago

[PATCH][] Add the Kenwood Serie 60G UHF HTs, fixes #3487

As per an user request, added the following HT for the Kenwood Series 60G:


The band limits are widened, please note the notice in the experimental popup text.

73 Pavel CO7WT


Updated by Pavel Milanes over 6 years ago

Yes Al, you do it Ok.

I have checked and it's part of the family, it's just a matter of getting the time to process the radios with the OEM software to get the ID of every variant for the TK-3xxG models (a time consuming task), I have borrowed today a radio of these to make the testing.

So it's a matter of time, speaking of time I'm working on finishing the support for the BTECH models with Jim and we are focused on that now so... it must wait a little. Sorry.


Updated by Pavel Milanes about 6 years ago

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Hi Al,

I arranged to get a radio like yours for a few days to add support for it, I will get it supported in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned!

Updated by Pavel Milanes about 6 years ago

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Hi Al,

A patch with the support for all the TK-36x/37x/388 models in this family is on the developer queue, keep an eye to the next new daily.

73 Pavel CO7WT.

Updated by Pavel Milanes about 6 years ago

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Fixed, resolved and Closed.

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