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07:28 AM CHIRP New Model #4395: Kenwood TK-280
Hi Thomas, do you have a KPG49D app at hand (
I would like to t...
Pavel Milanes


07:44 AM CHIRP New Model #4395: Kenwood TK-280
Good work Thomas, thanks for your efforts!
I'm currently just relocated to Jamaica for work, I'm in the regulariza...
Pavel Milanes


05:20 AM CHIRP New Model #8803: Wouxun KG-UV8H
Hi to all, so orry for the long delay.
Today a ham contacted me about this driver, I had completely forgot about i...
Pavel Milanes


03:20 PM CHIRP Bug #9461 (Feedback): KENWOOD TK732G
Pavel Milanes
03:20 PM CHIRP Bug #9461: KENWOOD TK732G
Hi OM, thanks for the debug log. (driver's author here)
The operation fails as the last byte of the ident string ...
Pavel Milanes


01:12 PM CHIRP Bug #9788: TK-372G Not Downloading
Hi J,
The log you send is not useful, it's a normal run log, it doesn't contain the radio download attempt, but do...
Pavel Milanes


02:45 PM CHIRP New Model #7599: Vertex & Vertex-Standard, e.g. FTL-1011, FTL-2011, FTL-7011
Thanks for the support Ken
I (driver's developer) am buried with work by now.
It appears that the 99ch has anot...
Pavel Milanes
02:58 AM CHIRP Bug #9788 (Feedback): TK-372G Not Downloading
Can you provide the debug.log?
You can found the instructions here:
Pavel Milanes


04:55 PM CHIRP Bug #9495: Wouxun KG-UV8E settings will not populate uhf tx limits are out of range
Great news, Enjoy!
Feeling well now, I sometimes get cramps in my legs and knees, but nothing serious...
Pavel Milanes


11:49 AM CHIRP New Model #8803: Wouxun KG-UV8H
Joseph 'et al.'
Sadly, the COVID waves has impacted everybody life in a way or another, in my case I'm getting les...
Pavel Milanes

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