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Leixen VV-898-E Firmware v1.08b / alias for model VV-898-S Programming Problems and Freezing Programming Mode

Added by Jack Schekkerman over 5 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Leixen VV-898


I have tried to use Chirp to program the radio with model Leixen vv898E that was designed for firmware release v1.07. It looks like that v1.08b is different of v1.07. I could read the radio but memory banks where different located and the 3 power options where not visible, only 2. I used chirp version from 20170311. When writing back to the radio it looks like everything went right, however after reading again I could see that the memory banks where written but the mode and reset setting where disabled.
This version looks that it changed the mode and reset setting in a way that I could not get access to the mode manually and I also could not recover the radio to the factory settings. I downloaded from the Leixen site the software vv-898-s v1.07 and tried to access the radio but I got the message 'radio refused programming mode'. So I am now in a deadlock that I can't program the radio anymore. I can read with chirp and it looks I can write but nothing will be changed in the radio.

I have contacted Leixen about this without response up till know as well as my supplier but their shop is closed for a couple of days.

So are there any issues known with the chirp version for Leixen vv-898-E with firmware v1.08 and why does this version not support the 3 power options? Is there any solution to get the radio recovered without powering up and pressing mode button, which is disabled?

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Duplicates #4069. Please follow and post there. Thanks!

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